Esprismart is the new platform for the store that shows the entire Esprinet catalogue with available and incoming products: more than 30.000 detailed product datasheets with real time update for price lists and availability are at the final customer disposal for an informed choice. A strategic tool which increments the offer without affecting the store warehouse: the best product assortment is now available both to small entities and to big distribution chains.

An internet connection is everything the store needs to access the service; through the use of login and password the user can connect from PCs, kiosks or mobile devices and offer to its final client the best customer experience, improving loyalty processes and becoming always more competitive, as a consequence.

Three different kind of subscriptions are available following the more suitable configurations the customer chooses for its stores

  • FAST to access Esprismart from its own device;
  • EASY to receive a tablet set for the access to the platform and an annual maintenance service;
  • COMPLETE if the customer prefers a kiosk inside its store, to allow the free consultation by its clients and to support its staff.

We asked the person in charge for Esprismart project Stefano Marzano for a comment:


“We steadily believe that the future of the physical store can be assured just with the introduction of innovative tools which can support the traditional sale to satisfy the new customers’ needs and to offer high quality additional services. Esprismart and our precious collaboration with Wins grants to our customers a performing and easy-to-use tool which could make a difference and could keep their clients faithful customers”

Stefano Marzano – Digital Marketing & Services Manager in Esprinet