A good database is strategic for all ecommerce websites, B2B, B2C or Digital store. ECat is not just a simple electronic catalogue, but a PIM, a DAM and much more! Suitable for any type of company that needs to manage product data, ECat is the web application that allows storage and display of a potentially unlimited number of products, organized through structured datasheet with customizable features and high resolution multimedia contents.

Main features

A taylormade datasheet which precisely manages any information related to the product in multilingual, be it descriptions, technical details or extra contents of a logistic and warehouse, administrative and commercial nature, or for the store.
A targeted search of the product thanks to the presence of advanced multi-brand search filters, makes the comparison between products an intuitive and simple operation. The display of the results shows the product status, availability, identification codes, the preview of the image, promoting the optimization of times and the precise identification of what you want.
Reliable inbound and outbound connections, thanks to the management of countless flow formats: Ediel, EDI,Euritmo, TradePlace, Icecat, Bmcat, TXT, CSV, XLS, DB, XML, Webservices, DB, http, Web.

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