The digital store MIA combines the potential of Internet with the services and assistance of the business: the best customer experience ever tested is the result of an increasing and potentially infinite number of references mixed with the expertise of the store staff.
The Wins solution for in-store sales matches both online shopping benefits and in-store opportunities: a new concept that redesigns the shopping experience, increasing customer attractiveness, optimizing resources, promoting omnichannel.

Main features

MIA is the digital catalogue for the shop of the future: this platform increases salable products without being in stock; it integratates goods available in store with product sheets provided by external suppliers and the e-commerce. It can be installed on any device (kiosk, tablet, smartphone, videowall) and used by the customer directly or with the help of sales personnel.
MIA stimulates sales: the platform can manage series, alternative and related products, providing the sales employees with a strategic advantage for their work. Periodic promotions can also be set up, dedicated to all the audience or customized on specific targets, thanks to synchronization with the customer’s Loyalty card system – if existing – or with the CRM Store.

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    An automatic schedule based on pre-established rules slides on the video walls installed in the shop .
    Product sheets with an attractive layout follow one another to attract customer attention on the store promotions.
    All the devices on which MIA is installed are integrated, hence product sheets can be sent to videowalls and displayed either.
    The electronic label is "tattooed" on smart electronics products: from the TV, to the PC, to the Smartphone, the label will be viewable directly on the device on display, showing the detailed data sheet and high resolution images.

    Our Case History

    "The city of Milan embraced this actual E-store – which I can't define just a Store.
    Thanks to Wins solutions and its MIA platform we can now say that the future store exists and we can find it in Milano, corso XXII Marzo."

    Valentina Caporicci, Marketing Manager di Nova S.p.A..
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