“You have to know the past to understand the present and orient the future” (Thucy dides): the evaluation of current performance, the identification of the strengths to invest in and the focus on the weak points on which you have to intervene to make future actions successful necessarily passes through the analysis of the purchasing behavior of customers and the tracking of their opinions.
Companies need high-performance analysis and control tools that can interact with all the available sources of information and which can return concrete and easily accessible data to support the planning of future strategies.
Perfectly integrated with in-store tools and online platforms, Wins software for the collection and analysis of opinions, sales data and consumer behavior are the ideal solution for winning customer retention strategies.

Let Customers speak

WinSurvey and Review Manager are the effective tool to improve the consumer experience, starting right from their votes, because opinion matters! An easy and intuitive software creates global or segmented surveys, its results feed the evaluations area in online product datasheets are included in data monitoring and stats.
ECat Analytics is the data aggregation tool, for marketing strategy planning, the management of in store product grid and investments in digitalization; the application shows its best in retail chains: the companies can evaluate their sales activity, and compare them with the global performance of the group, check the “virtuous” points of sale, understand how to improve the Customer Experience.

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