Wins, the Retail Solution

20 years experience in software development for large retailers, 20 experts with great technical skills and satisfied clients: expertise and professionalism guarantee a reliable product, suitable for the most complex need.
Wins doesn’t only deal with software solutions planning and implementation, but it can also support clients punctually and precisely.



All the applications are completely developed and updated in our headquarters by a highly qualified team of professionals, ensuring extremely customizable softwares and prompt intervention.


We develop solutions focused on the Retail world, touching every aspect of the business: from Stores to Product Management, from Logistics to Administration, from Commercial to Contracts and Commercial Policies.


Our starting point to create a new software is always our customer’s need: the result is an application which specifically suits their situation and adapts to prior systems.


Enhancing the companies we work with is our top priority, and such a goal we reach offering additional solutions to their business opportunities, making them more efficient on the market.