Companies that want their sales force to be focused on their customers and on their connection and commitment to the brand, need a winning strategy for customer engagement.
An enriched shopping experience leads to immediate clients’ gratification by the prompt satisfaction of all their needs, helps loyalty processes to the chain, makes customers more inclined to future purchases.
Targeted and customized promotional campaigns, birthday or anniversary wishes, dedicated discounts based on previous purchases… the customer has his own specific identity and now the retailer has the chance to enhance this information to anticipate his needs and to deal with him through this brand new onstore intermediate environment which joins online and the physical store.
The omnichannel strategy thus integrates into the sales process, supports the company in customer knowledge, identifies their needs, and proposes the correct solutions: Wins innovative applications track, structure, analyse, identify and satisfy customer preferences, for a more performing customer experience and a better consumer satisfaction.

Tools to know and satisfy customers’ needs

CRM Store and Campaign Manager are crucial for the management of customers’ data and preferences because of their punctual in store and online activity tracking (product display, purchases, searches, access tool used, etc…).
Due to its “statistical intelligence”, Campaign Manager can can analyse past promotions and compare different types of segmented users to learn the behaviours and automatically propose a successful campaign of the past again, or recommend a wrong campaign of the past to be redefined.
The Smart flyer brings a real time and costs saving for the company: Let’s put an end to classic promo leaflets, general purpose and not focused at all! Now the retailer can place hundreds of promo products into a database, problem solved! Our Smart flyer can analyse the customers behaviours and generate customised flyers for single clients, who can immediately purchase the desired item and choose the best option for him to collect the product.
With Inspire the “buying tips” become automatic today! Thanks to item-based and user-based algorithms, the software customizes the offer for each customer: based on the analysis of the previous purchase habits related to a specific loyalty card, the platform can propose customised suggestions to support the sales assistant in cross-selling operations.

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    If the retailer wants customers to be the centre of their business, customers must be loyal to the brand. Integrating loyalty cards is strategic: inside their private area customers will find a “services” function, as more and more often a purchase is decided upon a series of additional services offered by the retailer. “Buy the new Bosch oven and book an in-store cooking class”, “24 hours assistance”, “book your in-store visit with a dedicated sales assistant”…
    Listen, inquire, propose...That's it! In a single platform, the customer can find what he really needs. Few steps, targeted questions and a sophisticated search algorithm lead to the precise identification of the perfect product for the customer and his needs, for a satisfactory shopping experience.

    Our Case History

    “We were searching for an additional service that could identify complemetary products for the enrichment and the fulfilment of the main product sold. Inspire by Wins is the performing tool that we needed: results revealed to be really satisfying in terms of efficiency in service. Our sales assistants can identify the complementary product which fits best each customer needs, which can grow his perceived satisfaction and his purchase inclination in few steps”.
    Vincenzo Pennacchia - ICT Manager SIEM Euronics Group
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