MIA Wine, a spin off of MIA Digital Store, is the in-store virtual platform for food and beverage Retailers, which guides the final consumer in the store in his search for wine, beer or spirits suitable for the occasion: whether he is a wine expert, an indecisive or a curious person, the kiosk shows the detailed product sheet, proposes combinations with the perfect meal for every food need, directs the customer to the correct shelf and highlights the discounts for the period. The shopping experience also continues at home: MIA Wine can send the chosen recipe and the related wine matching to the customer’s email, for the preparation of a perfect dinner with the right steps to follow.

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An effective search that hits the target: whether the customer passes the barcode of the product, starts the search from the choice of the region of origin he prefers, types the name of the wine or identifies the recipe to be combined with, MIA Wine can give all the information needed about the selected wine, its winery and the related offers. Mia Wine perfectly integrates with the latest generation electronic labels and can be connected with all the labels in the store to help the end customer to find the chosen product by the identification of the shelf and a flashing led on the label.
Latest generation hardware for greater customer autonomy: the web application MIA Wine can be displayed on any totem, vertical or horizontal, including models with integrated payment methods, barcode reader and printer; a considerable time saving to independently access discounts and complete your order faster.

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    MIA solutions are integrated with new generation electronic labels: the product displayed on the devices in which MIA is installed, ether they are totems or tablets, can be associated with the labels in the store and help the customer in identifying the product inside the store.
    Listen, inquire, propose...That's it! In a single platform, the customer can find what he really needs. Few steps, targeted questions and a sophisticated search algorithm lead to the precise identification of the perfect product for the customer and his needs, for a satisfactory shopping experience.