On Thursday, 8th April, the first of the three webinars organized by Wins and EDIEL took place, aimed to show the benefits from the usage of the electronic catalogue and a performing datasheet: if well organized and fully exploited by the company they can be powerful tools that offer great growth opportunities and company management.

During this first meeting, we talked about the new energy label, as previewed in this article.

In details, we invited some expert to talk about this theme to have some interesting hints and to explain some features.

EDIEL opened the event, with Barbara Pagani, Marketing and Product Manager. She showed us the benefits of the new energy label and which operations have been done to ease its introduction on Ecat DataManager, the electronic catalogue developed by Wins and used by EDIEL as the electronic catalogue for the entire Consumer Electronics supply chain.

Ivan Vallano, Project Manager in EDIEL showed in detail what has been done on Ecat DataManager to manage the new energy label.

Massimo Gangale, COO and co-founder in Wins explained how Wins supported EDIEL in this transition on Ecat DataManager and showed benefits and opportunities originated by the usage of the Electronic Catalogue Ecat.

Did you miss the event? Do you want to watch it again? No problem, you can see it here:

We asked Barbara Pagani for EDIEL, Massimo Gangale for Wins and Davide Giansoldati, Digital Strategist and moderator of the event for a post-event feedback:


“I think that this series of webinars is a great occasion to show the benefits of Ecat DataManager platform: a tool for the entire Consumer Electronics supply chain which can support the subscribed companies best, a meeting point between producers and retailers, a privileged channel for the products information circulation”.

Barbara Pagani – Marketing and Product Manager in EDIEL


“These occasions are so important and we must use them to show important but often unknown features which can support our customers. Ecat DataManager and our Electronic Catalogue Ecat are versatile and useful tools for the sales management. A deep knowledge about catalogue’s features and potentials can make the difference”.

Massimo Gangale, COO and co-founder in Wins


“During this first meeting 2 key points clearly emerged: data quality and company archives integrations with the web platforms: catalogues, e-commerce marketplace. Our next meeting will start on these bases. Let’s see on May, 6th”.

Davide Giansoldati, Digital Strategist

These are the next appointments:

May 6th 2021: Selling products datasheets: EDIEL’s point of view for more information and registration

June 10th 2021: Selling products datasheets: let’s listen to the Retailers for more information and registration

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