ReloveMI, Nova chooses our MIA platform for its innovative EStore in Milan

“Milano oggi c’è una novità / non fare la seria / non starmi lontana” – “Milano there’s something new today / don’t be serious / don’t stay away from me”

It’s a line in one of the songs that Euronics has specifically created for their new experience store, opened on March 22nd. It is a true declaration of love for the city of Milan signed by Nova, Euronics partner.
A declaration full of passion for their work and full of expectations, which the city will surely be able to satisfy.

A promise to create a brand “new place” in the city, not just another store, a space not bound by its physical walls, where the customer can perceive its leading role in his purchase process.
An actual ecosystem at the service of the consumer’s needs, a “sentient support”, to which he can address to receive all the information he needs to buy the product that he really wants.

The technological platform chosen by Nova for the realization of its futuristic Future Store concept is our Store of the Future.

MIA by Wins fully satisfies the needs of the Euronics Member: an interconnected system of different solutions, each one with its own distinctive features to meet the needs of the consumer, a smart solution that interacts with the customer for an out-of-the-ordinary and absolutely memorable shopping experience, an intermediate area where the customer can have all the advantages both of the physical and of the digital one.

Almost a year after the opening, we have met Valentina Caporicci, Marketing Manager of Nova and real deus ex machina of the “ReloveMI” initiative

“We can say that the city of Milan has welcomed our E-store, which I can’t define just a shop, with great enthusiasm, and we acquire great satisfaction every day. Thanks to Wins solutions and its MIA platform we can say that the store of the future exists today and it’s located in Corso XXII Marzo in Milan”

“Milano guarda un po’ che c’è / oggi è il 7 dicembre / qui cambia tutto / se tu stai con me” – “Milano, do you know what I mean / it’s December 7th today / everything changes here / if you stay with me”

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