With more than 49 millions of hectolitres of wine produced in 2019 (source: ISTAT), Italy once more is among the main wine producers in the world.

Actual Italian excellence pride and flagship of Made In Italy in all over the world, wine still has a place of honour on both our everyday tables and our special occasions, thanks to our wide offer that can satisfy daily meals and official dinners

Whether the consumer is searching something for a gift or a way to impress his guests, he is always searching for the perfect wine, the one that could tell something about him, the one that could enhance the matching dishes.

But how can the average consumer choose its wine, the perfect one, the one that fits best his needs, without a sommelier?

Now Wins has the right solution: MIA Wine, the virtual sommelier for any kind of store, from wine department in superstores to little neighbourhood wine shops.

MIA Wine takes advantage of omnichannel potentials of MIA Platform to support the final consumer that can consult a device in store to access the complete retailer’s catalogue. Hundreds of detailed datasheets that show the organoleptic features, the wine cooperative of origin, the region of the grapes, the alcoholic gradation, the right conservation, but not only.

The datasheets show images and clips about the product and suggests recipes and perfect matches to best taste your wine.

And what if the consumer has the recipe yet, but has some issue in combine the right wine with it? MIA Wine is the right support! The platform can suggest the perfect product by few clicks.

Here a short clip that shows all the MIA Wine potentials

MIA Wine: the virtual sommelier for a new and innovative purchase experience in your store.