The ability of sales assistant to offer additional products to the main purchase that could forestall the customers’ needs and complete the product offering is often perceived as a key point for the definition of quality in store service.

For a successful application of the cross selling technique – the sale of additional products to the main purchase to strengthen the relationship with the customer and to grow the profitability – the salesman needs to count on a smart tool which could suggest the perfect complementary products.

With Inspire by Wins everything clears up: the platform indeed
analyses the previous sales, draws purchase behaviours up and learns how to satisfy the customer needs;
assimilates the consumer buying behaviour, studies his purchase habits and optimises the offer to satisfy best the buyer;
helps the retailer in the proposition of complementary products, consults the connections set on the management console and completes the offer.

With Inspire the customer experience flies high!

Inspire has been tested yet by one of the most important Consumer Electronics chains; it did not take long for the results to follow.

Effects were amazing: the growth has been confirmed at 11% on the involved receipts (receipts related to the sale of products proposed by Inspire), at 6% on sold products quantity, at 2% on revenue and on the value of average receipt.

The pilot company has declared greatly satisfied about these results and considers this tool as a part of its standard equipment for the sales strategic development.

Inspire: one more successful tool towards digitalization!