Eurocom DLE S.p.A. is one of the most important italian operators for logistic distribution of appliances and consumer electronics. Well known company in Central Italy, Eurocom has more than 150 affiliated stores.

Eurocom is one of the Italian leading retailers for consumer electronics with its stores – Trony and Sinergy brands – and stands out for innovation and high stardard levels..

Eurocom decided to face their innovation challenges for the complete digitalization of the store with MIA by Wins, our platform which joins offline and online store benefits and creates a halfway and interconnected environment which could boost the range of saleable products avoiding the restrictions due to the physical store walls.

“We got the opportunity to enlarge our stores through the support of technology, with MIA. No more problems with space and stock, which were one of the main restrictions in the past.
With MIA we can offer a virtual showcase with the whole catalog on Eurocom logistic platform, more than 10.000 products can be offered in store. Our customers can now choose the product that best fits their needs, picking it up in store or easily receiving it at home.
We can say that the road to the full digitization of the store is now possible with MIA”

Giacomo Benedettini – CEO of Eurocom DLE S.p.A.

MIA accesses fully support the customer journey in Eurocom stores –Trony, Sinergy and FreeShop brands… data tells a story of success!