The POSBANK European Convention is happening now in Madrid.
POSBANK is celebrating its first 25 years as a global leading supplier for POS Solutions and touchscreen monitors.
During this convention, POSBANK will present to the European market its cutting-edge technology for the automation of the retail stores.
Wins omnichannel platform MIA has been chosen by Ap.esse, exclusive dealer for Europe of POSBANK brand and Axon Micrelec brand for Italy, to highlight the innovative features of its Smart Kiosk, endorsing one more time MIA’s unique, innovative and cutting-edge nature in matter of the FUTURE STORE.
MIA has led four of the major Italian Retail brands to reach their goal to bring customers back to their Stores: the customer satisfaction has been improved; the customer retention in store has been increased. The numbers speak for themselves: more than 170 Italian stores and more than 2000 devices prove the positive trend of MIA, and its distribution is constantly growing!

Smart Kiosk and MIA: future is closer than you think!