We are taking the last tests and in a couple of weeks some attrating news will be online to make our MIA platform even more effective on the path of the complete store digitalization.

Hereafter the main implementation of this new release 3.1.26, expected in 2020/11/30:

  • New integration with Esprinet: Esprinet catalogue is technologically in permanent evolution and has introduced a new technology that will mothball the current one in december 31st. We already made the integration tests with the new technology, MIA is ready!
  • Optimized levels management: no more partial and incomplete results. MIA search engine will not miss any result for your customer!
  • Implementation of the new “WOW Search” page: in order to stick to the subject research, we redesigned the welcome page to make the platform more efficient! Clear, essential, identity-making: the new search page allows a faster search for your customer. Another efficient alternative to level search!
  • Faster and more accurate advanced search function: MIA engine is faster and alternative and declined words are no more a problem. Synonyms, singular, plural: MIA finds everything!
  • Supplier’s delivery date display: let’s ensure that the customer will not hesitate on the question: “who knows when my washer will be delivered… Will I be at home when this happens?” With MIA now the customer can see the delivery date before ordering the product. Easy and efficient!
  • Incoming product display: MIA is now able to make a further control on product availability! In addition to the traditional check on the product availability in store, at the warehouse or at the supplier, MIA can now autonomously control if the product is on the way and, if established, informs the customer on the delivery date. Always more information to support your customer!
  • Courtesy page on MIA Label for products replacement: we improved MIA Label too! We projected a new courtesy page, which is displayed on in-store devices in case of temporary product unavailability. Conceived to support custom images chosen by the customer, the brand new courtesy page is an additional opportunity to promote the company!

Do you wish to receive more information about one or more new features or are you curious about the platform and you wish to learn more about it? We are at your disposal! Click here