The diffusion of our Omnichannel Platform MIA in the Carrefour stores goes on.
24 Italian stores and more than 70 devices activated in just 2 years:Mia is already considered by Carrefour the strategic tool to lead the traditional stores in real stores of the future.
Carrefour Italy believes in MIA project. For that reason they intend to widespread our tool on their national stores.
Wins presence at Carrefour Tech Days 2019 proves it: from october 15th to october 18th we can train Carrefour store assistants from all over the country, showing them our Future Store.
During these days, the store assistants will learn how to better support their final customers with MIA and let them experiment a perfect customer journey in the Carrefour stores.
MIA platform is multidevice by its nature and it perfectly fits to both small devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and larger devices, just like the new “Smart Kiosk” by Axon Micrelec, which will be with us during these training days.

Wins and MIA: always besides our customers to support them in innovation!