Great news for this new year!

Our vision about the Store of the Future comes alive in Talent Garden Area of RetailHub, the first business accelerator for innovation in Retail. From the beginning of February to the end of July we will be in their specific expo area with our solutions, designed for a more attractive and open to new technologies store, sharing the space with other industry leaders.

Our Store of the Future was developed for Retail companies which aim to the full integration of their systems to offer an excellent customer experience and win the retention challenge.

Our Store of the Future is an actual technological ecosystem, that mixes all in-store devices with Ecommerce applications. It interacts also with the customers devices, for a new and performing customer journey.

Hardware innovative solutions of some high-level partners with be with us:

Axon Micrelec, AP.esse brand, leader in retail industry from more than 25 years for POS and self service solutions ;

SES-Imagotag, the world’s n°1 Retail Platform for shelf electronic labels management for Retail.

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