The second webinar about: Product datasheets that make you earn: EDIEL’s point of view” begins soon – join us on May 6th

The series of virtual meetings organized by Wins and EDIEL goes on to show to the public potentials and benefits from the right usage of product datasheet and a performing and well-organized electronic catalogue.

The second step of this path leaves the theme of energy label, discussed during the first webinar that took place on April, 8th (the registration of the event is here), to show in detail how a good and well-structured product datasheet, developed in a performing platform, can concretely help the company and be a valid support to increase sales.

We will see how to increase data quality and how can we apply the tools for collaborative filtering with examples on Ecat DataManager, the electronic catalogue for the Consumer Electronics supply chain.

We will show you how you could boost and take advantage on the connection with Ecat DataManager inside your Company through the usage of our Electronic Catalogue Ecat in Local version.

Ecat is the best tool to dialog with Ecat DataManager. It automatically interchanges data with the central platform with powerful benefits both for Producers and for Retailers in terms of time, resources and information quality for a more efficient and effective product management.

Here the themes that will be debated during the webinar scheduled for May 6th:

  • Background and context
  • The culture of data
  • – Collaborative filtering
  • How to increase data quality
  • Omnichannel approach: a still underestimated opportunity
  • Training to inform

Barbara Pagani, Marketing and Product Manager di Ediel and Massimo Gangale, COO and Cofounder Wins Srl will be the speakers. They will be moderated by Davide Giansoldati, Digital Strategist.

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