A new Store of the Future has been inaugurated yesterday: with MIA and WinStore, Euronics – La Via Lattea focuses on innovation!

Member of Euronics Group in Sicily and in Calabria, La Via Lattea continues its growth. A new Point of Sale in Reggio Calabria has been opened. The company chose the digital store MIA and WinStore for the complete management of the point of sale.

Forward-looking company, La Via Lattea embraces our vision on what we consider the store of the future, an omnichannel structure that allows the final customer to interact with the company according to his own modalities.

Recent studies demonstrate that the average customer needs to feel the starring role of the purchase process. The product itself no longer attracts him. What he really wants is a positive customer experience and to feel part of a community. That’s why efficient tools for a plain, easy and interconnected purchase experience and an efficient management of heterogeneous customer data are so important nowadays. That’s the way Retailers can give the right support and a customised attention to their customers

Retailers now have a winning partner for their sales with MIA and our solutions for the Store of the Future.

Wins Software: in a perfect synergy to become ideal partners for achieving your objectives!