The moment of the television switch-off, affecting the whole of Italy, is approaching. Starting from September 1st, 2021 the digital terrestrial channels are going to be transmitted with a new encoding, switching from MPEG-2 standard to the high definition MPEG-4, making a lot of devices obsolete.

The state-of-the-art SmartTVs are thus in the spotlight and customers are searching for the most suitable offers to purchase a new appliance. What better time for digitalizing the in-shop TV exhibition area?

Wins launches MIA Tattoo, the digital label to be “tattooed” on exhibited TVs, showing the detailed data sheet, high definition images and videos.

Enough with paper price labels, in favor of a considerable cost saving: details, prices and discounts are constantly up to date.

The quality of images and videos, which scroll thanks to a simple scheduling setting, give TV-walls dynamism and become a real engagement tool for the customer, who may also interact with the system through QR-codes.

Lastly, TV display preserve an optimal video playback quality, thanks to a dynamic layout composition, swapping positions between product sheet content and images so that the monitor’s pixels won’t be permanently marked by writings and colors.

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