Expert Group believes in MIA project and new group members turn our omnichannel platform on in their Italian stores.

Nifral activated MIA in its store in Porto degli Ulivi – Rizziconi (RC) on October 7th. New MIA devices grant the best customer experience ever for the client that can now freely consult the whole catalogue and can be supported by the acknowledged staff.


“We have chosen MIA for our brand new Expert Nifral store in Porto degli Ulivi too, because of the great interest and the positive experience observed in Expert Carbone store in Cosenza with the platform. Its easy and intuitive use has approached different kind of consumers and has aroused our customers’ curiosity. They immediately felt followed, in store and at home, and confident in their product choice, the perfect one, that fits their needs.”

Giuseppe Macrì, Sales Management Nifral Sviluppo

Easy-to-use contents and adaptable and customer-oriented core: so among the many benefits of the platform these 2 have persuaded the Group.

Cross between online and instore, MIA gains success day by day in the store digitalization process and sets itself as a performing tool that supports the recovery during and after this uncertain period.