Microsoft validated Wins OnStore Omnichannel Platform MIA for its AppSource Catalogue..
As a real innovation container, AppSource is a strategic tool for companies that are searching for innovation in their own business.
Why Microsoft has chosen MIA for its Store?

INNOVATION: MIA is an innovative tool for Retailers. MIA mixes together the ON-line and the in-STORE potentials. This is the idea behind our ON-STORE platform;

OMNICHANNEL: MIA fully integrates each company tool – in-store, ecommerce, customer’s devices, back-office management tools. MIA provides the genuine omnichannel experience;

HELPFUL: to oppose to the ecommerce supremacy, Retailers must take customers back to the store. Through MIA, consumers can find in store the benefits of ecommerce, but also: they can find the support of expert sales assistants, see the physical product, interact through their own device, …

TRUSTFUL: MIA uses the power of Azure to provide high level availability and scalability for its platform.

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