With the forthcoming 2.94 Ecat new release lots of news will be available on the Electronic Catalogue, for a more cutting, agile and performing platform, which can foster the users’ needs and answer to the market requirements.

Let’s see the highlights:

Management of 360° images rotation: a new tool in Ecat allows the 360° images rotation to grant a more intense and immersive visual experience.

Energy label image automatic conversion from any format to .jpg standard: why spend time and resources in format manual conversion of tons of energy labels, now essential to sell some kind of products, when their automatic conversion in standard format is now possible? Now Ecat has a energy labels conversion tool from any format to .jpg standard format. Easy and fast!

Faster integration of new energy labels: now the energy labels integration process is faster because of the redefinition of the product datasheet, which allows a faster upload and considerably reduces the mistakes!

Faster surfing on Ecat for admin users: the road for efficiency in operation management passes also by the simplification of recurring procedures that lead to a big loss of time. Say stop to the waste of time and resources!

New setting option: a minimum number of images can be set for each category: no more products with a few images or some ugly symbols for the lacking of images! With Ecat is now possible to set a minimum number of images to be charged to grant the product validation process! Now more than ever, let’s give the images the importance they deserve!

Console Area – more efficient brand display and more effective product search: suppliers list and the related brands visualization is now optimized because of interactive controls to guarantee a wider vision of the suppliers list for a faster identification of what the user needs. The addition of chain filter give more effectiveness to the product searches! Efficiency and effectiveness to service our customers!

WebServices – 3.0 version is ready Webservices: code and macro feature description are now displayed at product level. More possibilities for product display in your Ecommerce websites!

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